my Hallowen costume

my Hallowen costume

Lace top
£21 –

Altuzarra brown fur coat
$21,375 –

SPANX seamless pants
£45 –

Purple tutu skirt
£16 –

Stiletto shoes
$450 –

Prada leather bag
£920 –

me & Heidi Klum

me & Heidi Klum

Elizabeth and James long fur coat
$1,150 –

Dorothy Perkins tux jacket
£39 –

Willow sheer pants
$495 –

$25 –

Dorothy Perkins low heels
£40 –

Dorothy Perkins slouchy black boots
£30 –

Marni tote handbag
$1,210 –

Diamond jewelry
$1,150 –

Chain jewelry
$68 –

Hammered jewelry
$50 –

Pyramid jewelry
$42 –

for my special GF’s….chillin’ in DDL with our pets.

for my special GF's....chillin' in DDL with our pets.

Soviet Fashion Times

new fashion by

Soviet Fashion Times.

the fashions are beautiful & an almost exact repeat of the 40’s look, including the hair.

it was my generation, born in the 40’s & grew up in the 50’s that changed that fashion scene as we were the first “rock & rollers” with the new music (Elvis Presley took southern rock-a billy & blues & combined it & Allen Freedman, a radio jock, gave the movement the name…rock & roll) and our tight,  tight levis & rebel attitude.

Now, the world is “repeating”  fashions as it’s new again!

Also, skirts & dresses always go “long’ when time are tough & there’s unrest everywhere ….so says the psychologists.

so much for the history lesson!

It’s good to be alive now where, really, anything goes on the fashion scene as long as it makes U look good!