Lazy day. I’ve just been hanging out in my friends livingroom basically the whole day, but it’s been sorta nice. Just relaxing and not having to be so social for once..

Going with fluffy hair and some haphazardly placed boho braids today.

Not a very good picture, but this is what I’m wearing today, jeans and a yellow shirt with stripes 🙂

People smile too little these days. Especially in photos. So I’m turning the trend 😉

Been hanging out with my friends Anna & Emil today and we just ate the. most. delicious lasagna in veggie-form 🙂 Also watched cute and funny movie Kung Fu Panda 😛 I don’t know if we’re gonna watch another movie soon or do something else. I might go into the next room and read in my book a little.

What are all of you doing this weekend? Feel free to tell me, don’t…

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