scott hamilton art

Helen is the author of the blog Schietree,  the name being a reference to part of the storyline in her first novel Kilea; a Schie (phonetic for the Gaelic Sith) is a spirit or ghost, whether human or non-human.  ” A schietree, therefore, is a spirit or fairy tree; these trees grew in Scotland and Ireland. Some were places to seek help/pacify the spirits over issues of fertility, or infant mortality and are still, apparently, to be found today with coins embedded in the bark, or rags tied around the branches. They may have been considered gateways to the fairyland/underworld. Others were simply large, impressive trees, often hawthorns (one of my favourites for their heady-scented white flowers in spring), growing in an open clearing, or another significant place, that found their way into local legend in their own distinct ways.” (from Helen’s about page).

Cool! Sounds like an…

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