“Palmiers: I hadn’t heard of them until about six months ago and now I can’t forget about them… This is probably because their alternative name is elephant ears and if there’s one thing I know about elephants it’s that… er.. nevermind…

In some elephant-shaped circles they’re known as French Hearts which is another nice way of thinking of these little pastry bites. Although not in the slightest bit healthy, remember Freesia’s mantra of ‘everything in moderation’… Just make sure that if you do try something naughty that it is TOTALLY worth it… (that’s my mantra).. Or you’ll end up with the body shape of an elephant to match those elephant’s ears 🙂

Best wishes to all and now over to the wonderful Freesia!


What an easy and good idea for finger food! That was what I thought when I saw the recipe on the BBC recipes website. And…

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