I was going to write about something entirely different from the beginning, but this post will be about birds. A specific bird that is. No, he/she hasn’t got a name.. or well… hmm. I could always think of one. Her name will be Thaléa 🙂 (you see what I did there, making her a girl?).

So, who is this bird, this Thaléa? You ask. It is the bird my mum found outside our backdoor just minutes ago. She had flown straight into the window and at first we thought she might’ve broken something so she took her inside. I was overjoyed (that we had a little bird in our house, not that she might be damaged) and ran for my camera. And no, she wasn’t hurt, just a little shaken and we released her after a few minutes.

Meet Thaléa 😉 And by the way, those aren’t my nails, it’s…

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