Untitled #2347

Untitled #2347

Tree Clipart

tubes landscapes – Page 19

tubes landscapes – Page 10


tubes unicorns – Page 3


There’s a tension in Ricky Allman‘s work that’s almost tangible, a tightly coiled arrangement of opposites that seems about to erupt from the canvas.

Natural forms – in particular the looming moutains of his home state of Utah – vie with sharply defined shapes that replicate in a kind of sci-fi construction boom. Bursts of colour break from muted palettes; shafts of light pierce leaden skies.

The visual drama is intense, the juxtapositions that fuel it brimming with uncertain interpretation. The scene before us shifts indeterminately, simultaneously upbeat and brooding!

” Don’t bother about being modern. Unfortunately it is the one thing that, whatever you do, you cannot avoid.”Salvador Dali 

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Interview Magazine Germany´s first issue (February 2012) is looking awesome! Model Ilva Hetmann stars in this ‘Electric Kool-Aid Acid’ editorial shot by Markus Pritzi. So cool that they use the very trendy “human mapping” technique to project fabulous colorful patterns onto the model. Fresh work!

” The moment a man begins to talk about technique that´s the proof he´s fresh out of ideas.”Raymond Chandler 


Modern camouflage
Optical Illusion
That tribal feeling

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Ask Old Jules

Old Jules, are we de-evolving?
The rules of natural selection and competition don’t really exist now. Everything is pretty much given to you as long as you have money. Could this mean that humans could be different in the next hundred years?
They’re doing something that might be interpreted as ‘de-evolving’ through selective breeding, and over the last 1,000 years, slaughtering the most courageous males, while leaving behind those too weak, or too lacking in courage to fight wars. Meanwhile, the females are still attracted to jockstraps, rock stars, pretty boys and not really choosing for brains.

Ask yourself whether, say, British males today have anything much in common with those who built an empire on prowess and conspicuous courage.

Ask yourself whether Italians of today have anything in common with ancient Romans.

Ask yourself whether the reason modern Jews seem to be more intelligent than non-Jews because they spent…

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scott hamilton art

Just under the wire; suitably, Samantha is a creative.  Her blog,  Graphic Collection, is a collection of creative things, including her own very cool art and illustrations. It appears that Samantha is preparing her portfolio for college & university applications, so good luck, Sam! I’m sure you will be a shoo-in!

This is portrait 99.

I erased a bunch on this one, and it’s a bit rougher in texture, but I think it came out ok in the end.

To see other portraits done by me, click on the 100 Portraits header at the top of the page.



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