Ask Old Jules

Old Jules, are we de-evolving?
The rules of natural selection and competition don’t really exist now. Everything is pretty much given to you as long as you have money. Could this mean that humans could be different in the next hundred years?
They’re doing something that might be interpreted as ‘de-evolving’ through selective breeding, and over the last 1,000 years, slaughtering the most courageous males, while leaving behind those too weak, or too lacking in courage to fight wars. Meanwhile, the females are still attracted to jockstraps, rock stars, pretty boys and not really choosing for brains.

Ask yourself whether, say, British males today have anything much in common with those who built an empire on prowess and conspicuous courage.

Ask yourself whether Italians of today have anything in common with ancient Romans.

Ask yourself whether the reason modern Jews seem to be more intelligent than non-Jews because they spent…

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