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Soviet Fashion Times

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Soviet Fashion Times.

the fashions are beautiful & an almost exact repeat of the 40’s look, including the hair.

it was my generation, born in the 40’s & grew up in the 50’s that changed that fashion scene as we were the first “rock & rollers” with the new music (Elvis Presley took southern rock-a billy & blues & combined it & Allen Freedman, a radio jock, gave the movement the name…rock & roll) and our tight, ¬†tight levis & rebel attitude.

Now, the world is “repeating” ¬†fashions as it’s new again!

Also, skirts & dresses always go “long’ when time are tough & there’s unrest everywhere ….so says the psychologists.

so much for the history lesson!

It’s good to be alive now where, really, anything goes on the fashion scene as long as it makes U look good!

duds for the stylin’, seasoned woman!

duds for the stylin', seasoned woman!

DUDS for the stlyin’…seasoned woman!
Old things in our closets and new things that would suit myself and my GF’s….size 1’s we’re NOT and I ,personally, am only good in high heels for a couple of hours. and those platform thingy’s can kill you. It’s like walking on stilts!
TG for designer duds as I’m bringing out my 50’s, 60’s & 70’s stuff & it’s in vogue!
The thing about quality is that it lasts forever.
AND, I’ve stuff in 4 different sizes..skinny, .fat, fatter & now, reasonable.
But most of my closets are filled with the clothes that I’m making the sets with. Looser but “happening”!